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RJ Fisher Celebrates National Engineers Week!

What is National Engineers Week & Why Do We Celebrate It?

Engineers are the backbone of R.J. Fisher & Associates, Inc., and we are proud to celebrate our engineers and the many engineering professionals throughout the world. National Engineers Week falls within the same week in February as George Washington's birthday. Washington is considered a pioneer in engineering and the nation's first surveyor.

The National Society of Professional Engineers started Engineers Week in 1951. This year marks the 67th year of celebrating! In 1990, DISCOVERe (a volunteer organization formerly known as National Engineers Week Foundation) was established to help with engagement in K-12 education. Government studies at the time were showing potential future shortages in engineering talent, so it was pertinent to spread awareness to a new generation.

We celebrate National Engineers Week to:

  • Raise public awareness of the importance of the engineering profession

  • Highlight the contributions that engineers make to the community/world

  • Promote the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and the technical education that engineers need to succeed

  • Build excitement about the profession to attract a new generation of Engineers

Every year a different theme is chosen, and the theme for 2018 is Engineers: Inspiring Wonder. According to the DISCOVERe website, they chose this theme because:

It’s a call to recognize the people who create today’s awe-inspiring wonders like cloud-busting skyscrapers and human travel to Mars. Our lives would be very different without daily marvels like clean drinking water, computers, and cars.

Engineers Week is a time for everyone to celebrate and wonder what the next big innovation will be. It’s also a great opportunity for DiscoverE volunteers and educators to inspire students by engaging them in hands-on engineering outreach. Show them that their school subjects can help solve real problems. And, of course, encourage them to wonder ‘Is engineering my future?’

It all adds up to this year’s theme: ‘Engineers: Inspiring Wonder.’

While Civil Engineers operate mostly behind the scenes, the impact of their work is huge. Our surveyors and engineers have helped with planning some of the largest communities locally over the years. Every aspect of a new building or community takes meticulous planning and calculations to keep everything running smoothly and to keep people and the environment safe.


The opportunity to talk to future generations about the impact that engineers have on the world is rare, so this week is important! It is important to get the next generation involved and to get them excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Below is a link to some wonderful activities on the DISCOVERe website that you can do with your kids to introduce STEM in a fun way:

Start the dialogue, encourage questions, inspire wonder... you never know where it may lead them! Happy Engineers Week!

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