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Due Diligence - See a VISION of your future!

RJ Fisher & Associates, Inc. is now offering Land Development EnVISIONeering services with dynamic site concepts, grading optimization, and site visualization to help our clients see into the future and save on development costs.  We help you make better decisions in the critical early stages of site selection and design.  Imagine  a Concept Plan, Optimized Grading Plan, Construction Estimate & 3D Rendering of your site, all delivered in a Site Design Charrette.  Are you interested in getting all your "What If" questions answered and saving thousands in construction costs?  Now imagine making revisions to that site in real time and having the ability to immediately analyze the cost implications. Not days. Not weeks. Now!

Schedule a Design Charrette now to see your site plans come to life!

3D Site Models - How to WOW Buyers & Investors
EnVISIONeering - How to Optimize your Site Design

What I like about RJ Fisher is they have the knowledge base of a 20th century engineering firm but they also have advanced with the time to incorporate technology and just have a work style and work flow that reflects that of a civil engineer of the 21st century.  It’s not just pretty pictures and the Site Ops and Sketchup and 3D rendering programs - those are neat but what I appreciate about it is there is real engineering behind it…. There is real information behind it.  In just a matter of minutes with the EnVISIONeering program, you can get a ballpark of how many cubic yards of dirt you’re going to have to move. There’s a lot of value to that.

Brandon Johnson, Development Director

Monarch Development Group

Developers - No more guessing at what your site options are or if your site will balance.  Get the information you need when you need it to save thousands of dollars per acre over conventional design.

Real Estate Brokers - The ability to generate quick what-if scenarios and cost comparisons during the due diligence process make this service a favorite among land brokers.  This helps you to get to a closing FASTER!

Contractors - These services are ideally suited for design-build opportunities where value engineering and collaborative modeling are keys to success.  We can also take an existing design for analysis to save on construction costs to win the bid.

Architects - We can bring your Revit, AutoCAD, or Sketchup building models into our site drawings for proposals or presentation to win more projects.  

National retailers, Restaurants, and Industrial Manufacturers are using this technology to analyze site alternatives on everything from individual shops to large-scale distribution facilities.

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