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RJ Fisher & Associates, Inc. has planned numerous large and small scale residential communities, in addition to commercial and industrial projects with mixed-use residential elements. RJ Fisher & Associates, Inc. is prepared to assist you with the following Site Planning services:​


  • Residential lot surveys and plats.

  • Construction stakeout for site improvements.

  • Aerial photography control surveys

  • Traffic accident surveys

  • As-built and topographical surveys

  • Tree identification and mapping surveys

  • Stream and structure cross-sections for hydraulic analysis

  • Surveys for traffic improvement projects

  • Wetland location and mapping

  • Utility mapping and location.

  • Construction quantity surveys

  • Slope analysis surveys

  • Highway and bridge construction stakeout

Triple Crown Corp. has worked with RJ Fisher & Associates for the last twenty years.  Bob's firm is cost effective, efficient, timely and accurate. Site designs are very constructible, economical and cut and fills balance.  I would highly recommend RJF&A to anyone that needs civil engineering services.  

Mark X. DiSanto, CEO

Triple Crown Corporation


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