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RJ Fisher Civil Engineering Projects Harrisburg PA

RJ Fisher & Associates Inc., provides professional civil engineering services for residential, commercial, governmental, and industrial clients.  This aerial photo shows some of the projects we designed in Susquehanna and Lower Paxton Townships, Dauphin County, PA.  Professional engineering services we provide:


  • Master Planned Communities

  • Residential Subdivision plans

  • Commercial Land Development plans

  • Shopping Center design

  • Site Engineering of roads & utilities

  • Pa DOT Highway Occupancy Permits

  • NPDES & DEP Permits

  • Grading & Erosion / Sedimentation control design & permits

  • Water & wastewater convenance and treatment facilities

  • Stormwater collection systems analysis and design

  • Stormwater management for pool installation

  • Hydrological studies, Stormwater detention and retention design

  • Flood Studies and Analysis

You consistently produce exemplary plans and your presentations to the various Boards and Commissions are both assertive for your client, yet flexible, which creates a level of comfort that promotes a sense of cooperation, which is important in the approval process.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that your firm is also a leader in keeping abreast of the ever changing regulatory processes at the State and Federal level which helps your clients immensely in setting timelines and looking out for potential hurdles in the approval process.

John A. Kerschner, AICP, Vice President

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