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RJ Fisher - Harrisburg PA Civil Engineer
Robert J. Fisher, PLS, PE

RJ Fisher currently serves the building industry in the following roles:


Member of the Cumberland County Planning Commission - Review and recommend on all proposed zoning changes

Member of the Greater Harrisburg Realtors Association -  Government Affairs Committee

2014 President of the Harrisburg Home Builders Association

PA Builders Association - Past Chairman of the Chesapeake Bay Tributary Strategy / Defend against Excessive Regulations

Member and primary instigator of the PA DEP Task Force on Stormwater Offsetting to offer other options to developers and municipalities to meet their NPDES permit requirements

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of my career has been the establishment of long term business and personal relationships with professionals competent in their field.  We have enjoyed the rapport and quality work provided by RJF&A for more than twenty years.



John H. Rhodes,

Rhodes Development

RJ Fisher - Harrisburg PA Civil Engineer
RJ Fisher & Associates, Inc. (RJF&A) is a friendly, family, Civil Engineering & Surveying business committed to providing our clients with Successful and Profitable Land Development Projects.  Our team of experienced professionals listen to your ideas, innovate practical solutions and create cost effective designs.  We have helped numerous clients achieve success over the past 30 years.

We don't just complain about unfair regulations and ordinances, we do something about them!  RJ Fisher serves on the Cumberland County Planning Commission, is a Past President of the Metro Harrisburg Home Builders Association, is a member of the Greater Harrisburg Realtors Association Government Affairs Committee and regularly works with the PA Builders Association (PBA) on proposed regulations and policies that impact the building industry.  We are always working on ways to keep regulations fair and keep clients informed on ways to keep your costs under control and projects on track. 

Our goal is to take the complex process of Subdivision & Land Development and make it as easy and profitable as possible for our clients.  We accomplish this through detailed checklists, interactive cloud based project schedules, color plans, expert presentation and checking up on every detail to make sure that plan approvals and permits are expedited.  We will value engineer your project to find the best and most economical solutions, many times this results in cost savings that exceed our total design fee.  




The Land Development EnVISIONeering technology has allows us to quickly evaluate a site for the best and highest use and to optimize the site grading and improvements to greatly save on the site construction costs.

We have over 29 years of experience in Land Development and have designed some of the largest projects in the Central Pennsylvania Region.  

This experience helps to fast-track the approval process. 


Getting quick accurate answers early in the due diligence process is what we specilize in.  The 3D Site Models helps us to evaluate numerous options quickly and then show you a vision of your future project.


Robert Fisher RJ Fisher Civil Engineering Harrisburg PA
Matt Fisher RJ Fisher Civil Engineering Harrisburg PA

Robert J. Fisher, PLS, PE

Matthew R. Fisher,PLS, EIT
Project Manager

Ben Heisey RJ Fisher Civil Engineering Harrisburg PA

Benjamin S. Heisey, PE
Project Manager

Robert Cassel RJ Fisher Civil Engineering Harrisburg PA

Robert C. Cassel III
Engr./Survey Tech.

Chris Naugle RJ Fisher Civil Engineering Harrisburg PA

Christian K. Naugle
Engr./Survey Tech.

Michael Schubert RJ Fisher Civil Engineering Harrisburg PA

Michael C. Schubert, SIT
Survey Tech.

Beth Fisher RJ Fisher Civil Engineering Harrisburg PA

Beth E. Fisher
Business Operations

Lauren Durborow RJ Fisher Civil Engineering Harrisburg PA

Lauren N. Durborow
Administrative Asst. 

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